sector sec‧tor [ˈsektə ǁ -ər] noun
[countable] ECONOMICS all the organizations or companies in a particular area of activity, industry etc:

• The electronics sector accounted for revenue of £940.4 million.

• The performance of the troubled housing sector is being watched very closely.

• the growth of jobs in the service sector

— sectoral adjective :

• A major commitment is required on the part of agricultural and forestry concerns to bridge sectoral barriers.

ˈcorporate ˌsector [singular] ECONOMICS
the part of the economy made up by companies:

• The government is trying to protect the corporate sector by keeping interest rates low.

ˈmarket ˌsector [countable] ECONOMICS
a particular part of a market, for example a particular type of activity, product, or customer:

• One market sector, banking, remains below its best level of the past year.

ˈprivate ˌsector also comˈmercial ˌsector [singular] ECONOMICS
the industries and services that are not owned by the government:

• The project was entirely financed by the private sector.

private sector jobs

private sector investment

ˈpublic ˌsector also ˈstate ˌsector [singular] ECONOMICS
the companies, organizations, and activities in an economy that are owned by the government:

• The public sector still accounted for 40 percent of gross national product ( GNP), and employed 44 percent of the nation's workforce.

• More than 200,000 public-sector workers began a two-day strike over the government's proposed wage freeze.

ˈservice ˌsector also ˈtertiary ˌsector [singular] ECONOMICS
the companies, organizations, and activities in an economy that provide services such as banking, transport, tourism etc, rather than manufacturing goods

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sectoral UK US /ˈsektərəl/ adjective (also sectorial)
ECONOMICS relating to a sector of the economy: »

Most sectoral policies in the country relate to the wood and fish industries.

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